Saturday, February 15, 2014


This picture was taken a few days ago,
the day BEFORE we got almost 2 feet of snow.
The same as the previous picture.
The barn is at the bottom of this road and up to the left.
 We got another 9 inches last night.
Have a great Saturday.
happyone : )


  1. I love the old barn! We got around 20 inches or so. And it is snowing lightly right now. I am wondering if this snow will ever end. Stay warm and safe! Happy Weekend!

  2. Gorgeous photo. Hope your Saturday is a really 'happy' one!

  3. Great shot. Love the composition with the fence in the foreground. I am getting a bit tired of the excessive snow but when it first falls it is pretty.

  4. Did you say 2 feet? Hope there were no problems, and therefore it was just wonderful!

  5. oh no, that is toooooo much snow! Cool photo tho! Way COOL!


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