Monday, January 27, 2014

Clothes line and tractors

Ken thanks you for all those compliments on yesterday's post. : )  
Here are a couple more pictures.
A close up of the close line.  
It is behind one of the houses at the mill.
The clothes line is for me. : )
Those of you who read my other blog will know that I hang
my laundry outside on the line.
Want to buy a tractor?
Stop in at the tractor dealer in town.
Guess what?  It's snowing again today!!
Enjoy your day.
happyone : )


  1. Oh I LOVE that he put up a clothes line for you in his model :)

  2. I love the whole layout!! The clothesline is an inspiration!

  3. Wow. Lots of work must have gone into this. Mary Jo

  4. Your should be very proud of his train layout! I love the cute clothesline too. Great photos, I should send your blog link to my BIL and nephew.. Have a great evening!

  5. snowing here again too. :) cute touch ....the signature of the clothes line

  6. I'm still amazed! Looks so realistic!

  7. Delightful! Both John and I have enjoyed looking at Ken's work. Such wonderful details. Tomorrow, I'll show some boys.

  8. This is priceless, absolutely unbelievable, a very talented man! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sorry you have got so much snow! The east is getting hit so hard this winter. Dang!

    I love the old car and the laundry on the line in this one. So cool. I really think Ken has a great time doing this. ♥


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