Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

More snow today.
May you all have a safe, healthy and all around good year.
Just would like to thank you for sharing parts of your life with me through your blogs and thank you for reading mine and all the kind comments you have left.  They have really encouraged me with my photography.  
Thank you.
happyone  : )


  1. Karen, Happy New Year to you and Ken!

  2. A Happy and healthy New Year to you too! :). Beautiful photo!

  3. I hope you have a new year full of joy and happiness!!

  4. Blessing for the New Year are my wish for you.

  5. Happy New Year! Keep snapping those pics!!

  6. Lovely photo of the snow. It is freezing here in Montreal...-25 and is due to get even colder. Wishing you much joy, prosperity, peace, love and good health in 2014 and always. Happy New Year.

  7. The trees are beautiful, lovely shot!! I am looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos in 2014, HAPPY NEW YEARS!

  8. I like how this house is playing peekaboo between the trees. I was encouraged to see how committed you have been to reading Scripture. I was originally planning on using a chronological schedule too, but decided that I wanted to challenge a few others to read with me, and they voted on the two-year plan. I like it a lot so far.

  9. I love that you share your gift of photography with us.


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