Sunday, November 10, 2013

Same picture but closer

Remember the picture with the arrow a few days ago?
Here is the same little building but now I'm closer to it.
Looks like the cows are having a conference! : )
 A happy Sunday to you.
happyone  : )


  1. I love your comment about the cows. It has always amazed me that even on the hottest days of summer the cows all huddle together like that.

  2. It definitely looks like they are gathered together for a reason. I am assuming the little building is to store food??

  3. They are! They're plotting and planning! lol.

  4. Happy Sunday to you too! I am glad I found my way here. Your photos are such a joy to view. I wonder what the cows are planning :) ♡

  5. And how, pray tell would the cows be doing at their conference? LOL When I see that in various times in my life, I always think more of a rugby match. LOL

    Baby Z got to go home today! (one exact week of life in the hospital). Mommy and all are so happpppppppppppppppy!

  6. I think the cows are happy in their field. Wonderful shot.

  7. A cow conference. How udderly amooosing!


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