Monday, October 7, 2013

Lost a limb

This pine tree lost a limb last winter when Sandy came through.  
Thought it made for an interesting picture.
It's a rainy day today.  Took the picture a few days ago.
Hope it's a sunny day for you.
happyone : )
Thank you to all who confirmed the Junco for me. : )


  1. It is quite an interesting shot. The limb is just plucked, or scooped right out. Like i scoop the seeds from a canteloupe.

  2. I absolutely love this Happyone. It would make a lovely card cropped close in to the hole.

  3. It is very unique. That must have been very traumatic for the tree.

  4. Even a spot with a missing limb can be beautiful.

  5. It was cloudy and rainy here in Montreal, but then I saw a beautiful rainbow. Unfortunately I was not able to capture it with my camera. Your photo is lovely...this is beautiful.

  6. Interesting! Very beautiful in a unique way.

  7. That is rather hard to fathom, how this might tree lost that branch so 'centered' or something. Amazing photo. Yes, we had had warmer days again and sunshine.


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