Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pine lined driveway

I pass by this driveway most days when I walk.  
I like how it looks lined with pine tree.
May you have a bright and happy day, even if it is raining outside. 
happyone : )

Comment Replies:
Beth - I took your advice and made a jigsaw puzzle out of yesterday's picture.
You can do the puzzle HERE.

Jeanne  - Yes, that is a church you see and the road is called Brethern Church Road.


  1. What a lovely view!!! Great place to take a nice walk.

  2. Lovely photo, reminds me of a very old song In the Pines, in the Pines where the sun never shines.

  3. That's a lovely view!


  4. This is so beautiful.I did a double take when the page opened. I LOVE it.

  5. I love the pine trees, it is a pretty view and driveway!

  6. Wow! This looks so great!!! I took my breath away, it did!


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