Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Blooms

 I pass this garden on my walk.  The woman who lives here is over 90 years old.
She can't hear very well but she still loves working in her yard. : )
The blooms on these flowers are bigger than my hand.
A happy Thursday to you.
happyone : )
Comment replies:
Renae - The Rooster is NOT a close neighbor.  He lives about 2 miles from my house. : )


  1. They are so healthy and gorgeous! She is likely very healthy too? :). Gardening is wonderful for the heart and soul!

  2. OH MY.....those colors are absolutely awesome!!

  3. Oh, thanks for the answer right there. Cool. These flowers are tremendously huge if they are as big as your hand! Wow! Are they Dahlias? Ooops another question.

  4. Wow, she certainly knows how to tend a garden! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful Dahlias. It takes patience to grow these.

  6. These are beautiful dahlias. I hope the gardener can keep going for many more years.

  7. Spectacular! Wish I could grow them that big,but Dahlias don't grow well for me.


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