Friday, April 19, 2013

Mom and Baby

Cows live on the farm across the street from Happy Trails.
I've seen three babies there this week.
Here's one one of them looking at me.
When I walked closer he ran over to Mom.
They nuzzled noses and then mom looked over at me too.
I'm happy to have these cows as neighbors. : )
Hope you enjoyed your day.
Happyone : )


  1. Cow are so cute, they have the sweetest faces. Love the last shot!

  2. Save me Mum, she's looking at me. lol


  3. It looks as if Mom is telling you to be nice to her baby. Great pictures.

  4. Even a calf knows that close to Mama is the best place to be. Cute pictures.

  5. What is it about those animals that makes you want to go out and pet them? Have you had a calf suck your fingers before? Man, that is an odd but great feeling. hahahaha. Hey, I am so thrilled that your imagination took you to the box having anything you wanted it to be. Now that was a cool comment!


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