Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bunny having breakfast

Snapped the bunny there among the daffodils this morning by the lake.
Enjoy your Thursday.
Happyone : )


  1. Wows, I had to search for the bunny.

    He would be happy, to hear that. :-)

  2. Hello bunny, bye bye daffodils.

  3. I love bunnies, though they have hearty appetites. Lol. Those pretty daffodils make a yummy breakfast i bet. Beautiful photo!

  4. I just love it by the daffodils too. It came out great!

  5. Oh Happyone! I am glad you loved the lacy top. Do you have a jcp (Penney) near you? That top wasn't on a special sale. It was just marked down to $5. (it was originally $17) They had many other colors. Perhaps you can find in online, too. That statement about loving the layered lacy top made me a "happy one". Great weekend to you, okay? (hug)


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