Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Note Card Party for March

 Welcome to the Note Card Party for March hosted by Vee.
Hop on over to Vee's to see more photos
or to find out how to join in the fun
and post some of your own.

Just some of my favorite pictures I took
on my morning walks.

Hope you enjoyed them too.
Have a happy day.
Happyone : )


  1. I see beauty and tranquility in your notecards, even the sky view of the tree trunk which I remember from your post.
    I'd like to look in the hole in the trunk to see if anything was nesting there.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the 3rd one and the old tree against the blue sky. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Gorgeous photos of beautiful scenery, I love the fall one especially (my fave season!). xo

  4. Beautiful! Such a wonderful walk! The sky, the sun, the water -- all gorgeous and so calm!

  5. I enjoyed each and every one. You and I have a similar delight in taking photos straight up trees. Ha! It is true what they say about "rosy glow of the dawn."

    Rosy dawn, with locks of gold,
    Looks upon the world awaking;
    For the day by prophets told,
    Lo, in beauty now is breaking,

    I see that rosy glow in many of your morning photos.

  6. The light in all of these photos is stunning. Beautiful choices for note cards!

  7. Oh I would love to have joined you on these mornings, especially the third one as the sun was rising! I've got a thing for gnarly old trees too on my walks through the park!
    Shane ♥

  8. Beautiful morning shots. They make excellent note cards.

  9. Beautiful scenes and the lighting is pretty. I hope you are feeling better, have a great evening!

  10. Such beauty in nature and the lighting is amazing! Beautiful cards.

  11. I love to follow a path that leads you in different directions. Your photo is beautiful. Deb

  12. Beautiful! You know I love that "light," in the first two.

    The sunrise one... Perfect. Among many, many perfect pics of sunrise.


    Happy Spring!

  13. O, NOW I see why you are the HAPPY ONE...having views such as these on a morning walk would make ANYone very happy.
    Just beautiful cards.

  14. Oh, they are beautiful! I thought the third one was my favorite, but there is something about that blue sky and the majestic tree in the last one that I just love.

  15. All of these photos are absolutely beautiful. Each would make a wonderful note card.

  16. What a lovely place to walk.
    Sigh....so restful.

  17. Hey, yesterday I tried a shot like your last one, which was looking straight up the tree with a perfect sky above. Mine was a throw-away; yours came out perfectly!

  18. Absolutely stunning photos, thanks for sharing.

  19. Yay! You must be feeling a ton better? Good! I hope that is the case. I love them all but I love the narliness (is that a word?) of the upshot of the tree, the most. Your words about all those colors going well with navy was nice to hear. Thank you!!!! :D

  20. These are beautiful, serene photos highlighting the beauty of late winter. Such blue sky. Sigh.

  21. What beautiful scenery you get to enjoy. Great card collection!

  22. What gorgeous pictures! I love the golden light!!

  23. You take some pretty glorious walks! Beautiful scenes and perfect for note cards.


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