Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Walking along the path

around the lake this morning.
Hope your day is sunny and bright.
Happyone : )


  1. Thank you for showing the path itself. Along the water. Just lovely. In winter too.

    And I notice the wee bit of sun rise rays, showing at the "bottom" of the pic. :-)

  2. It's kind of as if, the sun is putting very tentative rays out.... Just softly touching the bank and the path... Almost afraid to really burst forth... Rather waiting for a Welcome...

    I do have an active imagination, don't I?????????????????


  3. Happyone! This photo is stunning. I love the ice on the lake and how it is "frozen in time" in your photo. That is wonderful.

  4. Awh, now that's the spirit!!! Thanks, Happyone

  5. I like that you were able to capture the wiggly patterns of snow on the frozen lake. Nice shot!


  6. Love the ice on this photo. I tried some last week but with gray skies it looked like a black and white picture. Your blue's are awesome in this pic.

  7. I love it. Very beautiful with the winter blues and I like the lake ice too.


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