Friday, December 7, 2012

A Word Picture

Didn't take any pictures this morning.  Here's a picture I could have taken but I've made it into a word picture.  Can you picture it?

I'm standing in a parking lot looking down at the lake.
The sky is one big gray cloud and a light rain is falling.
I look down a hill of green grass with leaves scattered around.
There is a path near the water and two people go by.
One is running and the other walks slowly with an umbrella held up.
Cherry trees line the path and are leafless this time of year.
The lake is pretty to look at.
Weeds grow at the edge and a few small trees.
The weeds have died now 
but still have a beauty to them.
It is very still out and the water is like glass.
There are a few geese swimming around
and I see one white duck.
Looking out across the lake I can barely see 
the red railing of the footbridge
that I walked over earlier.
I can hear the geese and the birds.
Off in the distance I hear the rumble of traffic
and an airplane above which reminds me 
I'm not in the country after all.

Have a great Friday.
Happyone : )


  1. Happyone! morning! well, that was a nice picture. your poetic words and images are just as fulfilling as your photographs.

    thank you.

    i loved hearing your reason for the season. i love hearing everyone's reasons.

  2. Lovely...

    And this is the test of a writer... To be able to paint a word-picture with words. :-)

  3. I can picture it and it is glorious!

  4. It is so beautiful. That must have been taken very early...

  5. Your word picture is as beautiful as your photographs.

  6. I can picture this lovely scene! Well done! Have a great weekend!

  7. what a wonderful word picture...yes I saw all the beauty around you through your words...I love how you said "the water is like glass," and I could imagine with glee the few geese swimming around and the single duck....lovely day to you...I walked early morning yesterday and my walk ended with an airplane above too :)


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