Thursday, October 25, 2012

A deer

early one morning.
Did you notice that one yellow leaf up in the corner?  I don't know why but I like that.
Hope your day is a happyone.
Happyone : )


  1. Another lovely shot! I like the yellow leaf too.

  2. Early mornings are a great time to be out, if one can manage it, although I'd more likely spot a kangaroo than a deer.

  3. This photograph is so cool. I love deer and this one is extra nice as a subtle pose that is a bit insecure. The yellow leaf was not noticeable til you said something. LOL

  4. Oh yes, one bright leaf. Don't know what the photography term would be, but betcha' there is one. Because of the *effect* it produces on the whole pic. :-)


  5. Apparently you didn't startle the deer too much, as its tail is down. :-) Yes, I like the yellow leaf in the corner, too. I also like the blue mist (or water?) in the background.


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