Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good Morning

Around my lake this morning.
Hope your day is filled with happiness.
Happyone : )


  1. It took my breath away. I mean it. It did.



  2. Clicked-it-big, and showed it to husband. He is just as impressed.

    Ding-dang-it! YOU are a fantastically talented natural photographer!!!! You just click. And yet, you "SEE" a beautifully composed photo!

    I wish you would pat yourself on the back more! I do! I do! You simply do not give yourself, enough credit!

    And don't you dare say, it NOT YOU, who is owed the credit! Don't you dare. Or "Auntie" might come down there and... "Tell you differently." :-)))))))))))

    Oh yes, it's fine to be thankful or whatever you must do. But YOU DO DESERVE CREDIT TOO.

    How about if I say, you deserve the credit, for using your given talents? For noticing a beautiful natural picture? Is that ok? Can you do that?????

    Lots and lots of hugs,

  3. Stunning photo. Makes me want to start my day right there!!! Enjoy it!!

  4. wow, what a magical sight! so beautiful I could look at the photo have such a wondrous place....enough to make one truly happy :-)

  5. Rob says this looks like Heaven!MJ

  6. Gorgeous scene! The early morning fog is beautiful. Great capture!

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