Thursday, September 6, 2012

A field of sunflowers

Took a ride today with my friend Cheryl to see this field of sunflowers.

Though it was a cloudy day all the sunflowers made their own sunshine. : )
We stopped in a little cafe at Monkton, Md near the old train station and had lunch outside.  What a delightful day we enjoyed.
A happy day to you.


  1. What an amazing sight - how beautiful.

  2. hi! I have been missing your posts. Errrgh. I don't like that to happen. So I just caught up but just making one post here.

    Did you see that my brother passed away? It is "my brother". He lived with me and my husband but I kept his privacy by not including him in my blog. Now I must tell of him, to what? not miss him, or say why I have been away? I don't know. Life is so strange especially during a time of death.

    I love these Sunflowers. September is the time that I notice them and his birthday was this past Sunday. He passed on August 23rd, 9 days before his birthday that he loved. He was disabled-delayed from birth. Lived many decades longer than the doctors first predicted.

    Sorry this is long.

  3. Your photos (and the Sunflowers) are gorgeous! I particularly like the first one; it seems the flowers are endless.

    John and Ellen

  4. The field of sunflowers is so beautiful!

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  6. I'm so glad we had this adventure together!

  7. And a lovely adventure it was.
    You're really living the life! MJ

  8. This is beautiful! There are some fields like this near Gettsyburg, too, only not this extensive! Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love your sunflowers, did you use Instragram on these? Nice!


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