Friday, August 24, 2012

A find in my yard

Saw this in my front yard.
I'm surprised the pictures came out as well as they did
because the thing wouldn't sit still.
I don't know what it is!

It's Friday!
Enjoy it.
Edit:  Kerri identified this for me as a Hummingbird Moth.  No wonder why it wouldn't sit still. : )
Thanks Kerri!


  1. Oh look at that bee *capture*!!! So, so coooool.


  2. Oh Karen..... it is a Hummingbird Moth :) Great captures!!!!

  3. Strange looking critter... Reading Kerri's post she identified it. Never saw one before.

  4. a hummingbird moth it is! and yes the photo looks wonderful though it wont sit still as you said! the flower is so pretty! thank you for adding a smile to my day too :-)

  5. Your macro is wonderful considering the subject wouldn't sit still. Actually, both pictures are simply great.

  6. Hummingbird moth!

    Second time today, I have read of this critter. thank you for telling me, in my comments.

    New to me, of course. Aren't they something?????????


  7. An amazing critter. It looks like it has a black leather belt around its middle.

  8. A very pretty insect and flower.


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