Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Note Card Party

It's Note Card Party day again over at Vee 's.
This month I didn't pick a theme but went with four
of my favorites pictures.

I love these giant wind mills.
They seem like aliens to me
and are so peaceful to watch go round and round.
I wish I could have one. : )
I walked back to take this picture to show the size.
 I love this old tree who looks as though it has been
through some rough times.
But still hangs in there.
A snow covered foot bridge.
One I've walked over many times.
Peaceful and quiet.
This path leads to my lake
that I walk around a lot of mornings.
If you would like to see more Note Card Party pictures hop on over to Vee's.
Or join in and post some pictures of your own.
The only rule is that the pictures have to have been posted on your blog before.
Thanks Vee for hosting! : )

Enjoy your day.


  1. These shots are all fabulous! My favorites are the tree and the snow scene. Beautiful!

  2. I live in Florida so I don't see snow any more but I am always drawn to beautiful snowy photos and art. I love the snow covered bridge!

  3. Oh that bridge! It could be your Christmas card this year. I like the old-fashioned windmills Dutch-style. The tree has a lot of character and the little red shed looks perfect there along the path. I had no idea that you saw such a structure on your walks.

  4. These are wonderful! Love 'em all!

  5. Great choices for note cards, all are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello there - pretty photos - especially that tree that is standing the test of time. Reminds me of some people I know that never give up!

  7. What a stunning group of photos. Magazine worthy! That old tree is amazing. My daughter works for a company that makes those windmills. Do you know you can sit down comfortably in the center of one of those?

  8. The shots are all great. There are many wind farms in Illinois. I think they are beautiful!

  9. I love the giant windmills and yes, the tree that looks as though it has gone through rough times...and the rest of the shots...you always make me smile with your eyes that see beauty in everything....blessed day :-)

  10. The windmills do look HUGE in comparison to your car.
    I'd like to take a walk through the snow right about now.
    Love all of these photos.

  11. All of these would make beautiful note cards.

  12. Beautiful images, all note card worthy. I love that snowy scene, so refreshing on a warm summer night.

  13. We have some of those windmills around here. They are quite amazing! I love your snow covered bridge -- a beautiful place to walk.

  14. Great card shots- love them all!

  15. i'm sold. sign me up. great views. my parents got to see those wind mills up close too & were amazed by their power. i can only imagine. love the snow view too. lovely. (:

  16. Wonderful pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. These are very beautiful photos. I love them all. The windmill one really put things into perspective with their size! Thank you for visiting me. Blessings, Pamela

  18. Wonderful shots. All so different and yet all in nature. Almost seasonal. Beautiful choices!

  19. Beautiful as always....

    think I like the snow scene best.


    "Somewhere, something incredible
    is waiting to be known."

    ~Carl Sagan

  20. My favorite is the last one, thanks for sharing!

  21. Pretty pictures. I love the one of the bridge. I think that must look pretty in any season.

  22. All wonderful photos for note cards, but on this very hot day the snow covered bridge was my favorite as it looks so wonderfully cold!

  23. I love your photos! I'm especially drawn to pictures that have a road or path in them. I would definitely buy a set of these notecards!

  24. Waht a wonderful series of cards... each one full of wonder and rousing questions.... that is what I love about them... the questions they bring to mind.....it is so much fun to imagine the answers!!!

  25. I'm glad that you shared your favorites...and I can see why you love each one!

    The perspective in the photo of the windmill startled me. I had no idea that they were that tall! And the snowy scene with the covered bridge is captivating. You live in a beautiful place!

  26. Charming! Nice to meet you! I stumbled upon this Party just today and am loving it here. Thanks for your fun pictures and post! I'm joining you as a follower right now. Please let me know if you would be joining mine, if you'd like? ok? have a great rest of your week!

  27. I usually play a little game with myself with the note card party and pick a favorite picture from each post. I'm finding it nearly impossible to do here!

    I really love that one with the foot bridge because I have a *thing* about them, but I love that last one too. And the windmills and tree? Yeah... making it difficult.

    (The size of the windmills against the car is awesome)

  28. Great shots, I love the windmills. The tree is cool and my favorite. Lovely scenes and photos. Hope you have a great weekend.

  29. I love all these photos especially the old tree.


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