Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Note Card Party #3

Vee is hosting the third Note Card Party today over on her blog. 
You have to post four pictures that you have already posted 
on your blog previously,
that you think would make nice Note Cards.
Then link up with the others over at Vee's.
Stop by Vee's to see more Note Card Party pictures
or join in the fun and post some of your own.
This month I've chosen 
pictures I've taken on my morning walks
watching the sun come up over the lake.
A mist over the lake

Rippled cloud reflection

This sign almost looks like a cross

Winter sun rays
I wish you a happy day.


  1. Your morning walks are indeed wonderful. Isn't it fascinating to watch the subtle changes each day, week?

  2. Sunrise over the lake -- beautiful! Your morning walks must be delightful! Wonderful selections for Note Cards and for Vee's party! I'll take a set! :D :D

  3. What a unique and pretty note card theme! They are all so pretty and I would love to have a set. I think my favorite is the first one of the mist over the lake.

  4. Oh my goodness, these images are incredible. Your morning walks must be a very special time. I'm visiting from the Notecard Party (: Blessings

  5. Amazing! The gray in the sky on the second picture is so beautiful. I've never thought of gray as lovely before. Thanks so much for participating, Karen. I love your photography!

  6. I really like the sun in these shots. They make a nice card series.

  7. Wow! That first one really captured my attention. Gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous captures. As per usual, of course. :-))))

  9. These photos had such an inspirational effect on me ... I'm in awe of what you've captured here. Wonderful job using the sunrise to create such artistic images. Love them all but the 3rd image is perfection; how did you shoot into the sun and manage not to have the whole pic be dark?


  10. love the 3rd picture, but all are lovely!

  11. You've had some very beautiful morning walks! I think the first one is my favorite, I love the mist rising from the water and the way the sun is hitting it. Gorgeous!

  12. I would take any of these on a note card, but the first is my favorite. I love the way you've captured the mist is the sunlight and reflection.

  13. What a great idea...these would most definitely make wonderful cards!

  14. I love your photos - especially the first one.

  15. Wow, great photos! I'd buy a package of cards with these on them. The first one is really a great shot!

  16. So pretty and so peaceful. Perfect for the front of a note card collection.

  17. Your lake photos are beautiful!
    That sign does look like a cross!

  18. These would make lovely note cards! I should get up earlier!


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