Thursday, August 4, 2011

A rainy misty morning

A bit rainy as I walked around the lake this morning.


  1. The set of circumstances that bring the rain may block out a lot of light and color, and yet I can not help but think of how happy the trees and grass are to drink it all in!

    My own lawn is now on the mends after a brutally hot month. Fortunately, we have also had a lot of rain, otherwise it would be tanned and extra crispy.

  2. Misty... Pretty... Black and white... :-)

  3. Hope you'll come over to my Thurs. post and click on the link, and give me your reaction. :-)))) I know a lot of you gals are not in the *olden* category. But everyone will be there, eventually.

    I found a blog and I am anticipating gals sharing their reactions, with me. :-)

  4. I lime the misty look of the lake in this photo.


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