Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Umbrella

I had a rainy morning walk today.
I'm glad I bought this huge golf umbrella last summer.
 Because it sure came in handy today.


  1. My goodness, you are so slim and pretty
    I better me one of those big umbrellas and start doing what you're doing
    Oh...I have a big umbrella :-0

  2. That is a nice and big umbrella. It looks big enough for both you and your hubby, or you and a friend :)

  3. I like big umbrellas, because they're good for sharing. I've never had one with the wind flaps like that, though... nice!

  4. We are getting buckets full today! Glad the umbrella kept you dry :)

  5. How does that umbrella handle in the wind? Seems the bigger they are, the better chance they will invert on windy days. I guess the trick is to bring the big one out when there isn't any wind? This one certainly will keep two people dry.


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