Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do you see what I see?

My husband called me to the window and asked what I saw. 
When I told him he said that is what I see too.
What do you see in this bit of snow and grass?


  1. it looks like a sea turtle to me
    and I love turtles...maybe that's why I saw it
    good eyes you guys

  2. Not looking at anyone else's comments...

    A hat on a snow face?

    -chuckle- Probably not. I don't do well, on "puzzles." :-)

  3. A melting snow lady - she has a fine straw hat! My husband would probably say it's a mushroom. Cute photo.

  4. It looks like a turtle. I love turtles! So random that we both posted pictures of things that looked like something else.

  5. It looks like the head (face) of a snow person wearing a hat.

  6. Shrooms! One great big mushroom to be more precise.


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