Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In all these green there is a Heron and a Duck.
Can you find them?


  1. When I clicked on the photo and made it larger, I could. Still not easy. They are well hidden.

    The Heron is upper, and by the shore. The Duck is sort of, right 'below' the Heron, if you look down, about to mid picture. :-)

    How *smart* am I, hu? -giggggles-

  2. Hey... i found them both.... the heron is on the other end of the lake... and the duck is in the center... :-D

    i am a genius.

  3. what a lot of muck
    but I found the heron and the duck

  4. I had to enlarge the picture, but I did find them both. That green makes pretty good camouflage.


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