Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mrs Turtle

I came across this snapping turtle on my walk yesterday off the path up from the lake. She was starting to dig a hole to lay her eggs.
You can see how swollen she is with eggs here.
I got real close to her and took this picture.


  1. wow I would have loved to be there..I just love turtles..all kinds...lucky you!
    what a magical place you live by

  2. Great capture! That has to be hard work for her to move around and dig in that condition.

  3. You got a wonderful capture of Mrs. Turtle. Very well done!

  4. Lucky you to get so close to a turtle. I wonder if you will see the new babies when they arrive.

  5. WOW ~~ What a cool capture!! I've never seen a turtle lay eggs before!!


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