Monday, May 17, 2010

A Short Swing

Last Sunday morning as I walked I took a picture of a very long swing.
This Sunday morning I came across this little short swing.I was walking up the driveway to take the picture and didn't notice a lady sitting on her porch. I then asked if I could take a picture of her swing. She gave the OK and asked if I was going to put one up in my yard. I told her no, I just like to take pictures and told her about last weeks long swing.


  1. You sure do like taking pictures...I love candid photos of people..but that could get risky ...don't you's a strange world out there....
    I love swings...always have...I would buy a book or calendar with nothing but seing photots! nuts huh?

  2. You can tell by the spot under the swing, that somebody loves it.

    It is only a recent observation that taking pictures can be a nifty social tool. I have made a few new friends around the neighborhood, because I saw something and asked if I could take a picture.

  3. If you find a medium swing next Sunday we're going to have to call you Goldilocks.


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