Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Lost Shoe

Suz - I know you could make up a good story about this! :-)


  1. I've often found unusual articles of clothing on our hikes, but I have never taken a picture. I may need to change that.

  2. My mother used to launch her slippers if we misbehaved and were out of reach. I don't recognize that as her style of shoes, but if she (Orlando, Florida) tried to get one of my brothers (Chicago, Illinois), and it ended up near you, her aim has really gone down the tubes, ...but you have to give her credit for distance though!!

  3. Oh my .... I've never seen a ladies shoe like this - left and not picked up. Tennis shoes, or kids shoes, or even work boots - but never a ladies shoe. This really gets the mind wondering what happened .....


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