Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Lake Bench

I took these pictures last week. Can't get to the lake this week because of all the snow. 34 inches and another 10 - 20 inches on the way today!!
Bench Number 56The PlaqueThe View sitting on the bench


  1. It sounds as if this bench might be completely covered in snow. I hope you don't get as much snow as they are talking about this morning.

  2. That's a lot of snow!
    Benches are nice and so is that view with this bench in your photo

  3. Oh lucky you!
    I'd love a walk in that park, and a sit-down on that bench.
    And i'm now wondering how many benches there are altogether?

  4. The view from the bench is lovely. What a lot of snow you have. I'm pleased to say we have been snow free for four days now.

  5. Mimi - there are only 3 more benches left and I'm saving my favorite one for last.


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