Thursday, January 14, 2010

Owl Butterfly

Another butterfly from the Butterfly Farm. This one is a bit unusual and very interesting.
I don't remember the real name of it but it is also called the Owl Butterfly and its easy to see where it got that name. The man here is holding up the wings of one that has died. Isn't that cool how you can see an owl face! You might want to click on it to see it better.This next picture is the caterpillar that turns into the Owl Butterfly.This little girl walked around with the butterfly on this piece of fruit so we could all get a good picture.This last picture is what it looks like in flight with the beautiful blue on the inside of their wings. We were told that it is very hard to get a picture with their blue wings showing because when they land they close them. I felt lucky to have gotten this picture! Maybe that was part of my good luck for having a butterfly land on me. :-)


  1. Cool shots ... I did enlarge it and it showed up great. Having a butterfly land on you is really cool and very lucky.

  2. Thanks for these great pictures of the Owl Butterfly. The name is certainly appropriate.

  3. I love owls and I love butterflies
    glad I "next blog"ed you!
    and I love grat photos
    I'll be back


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