Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leaves of Snow

I took this picture yesterday on my morning walk.
This is a pile of leaves with a little bit of snow mixed in.
The snow plows plowed up the leaves along with the snow.
Since this picture it has snowed again.
We were supposed to get a dusting.
Instead we got this.


  1. We got considerably more snow than you got. And I'm envious of that cleared road I see in the background. We won't be going anywhere by car until things warm up considerably.

  2. George, we live right down the road from where the plows come and get the salt for the roads, so the road by us is one of the first to get cleared. The other roads weren't so good!

  3. Ah, sometimes those weather guys just miss it. This time they gave us a LOT of warning so we were prepared. LOVE your header shot too!

  4. Your leaves made me think of chocolate sprinkles on top of ice cream.


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