Friday, August 7, 2009

A couple more

lake pictures from yesterday's walk.


  1. You have such beautiful places to enjoy your walks. :)

  2. I bet there is a lot of wildlife in, on and around your lake.

  3. After writing the above comment I clicked onto your Life is Good blog and found myself knee deep in wildlife. I like your eating out offer, we have lots of "credit crunch lunch" offers going on at this time,eg two main courses for £7.

  4. The mist at the lake is beautiful... such pretty shots here.

  5. There's something so calming about the first photo - maybe the mist. I feel at peace when viewing your photos. Wonderful landscape and peaceful atmosphere.
    Hugsssss, Susan

  6. You've certainly had your share of misty mornings. Does it burn off to leave a sunny day?


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