Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Watery Wednesday

Water was flowing across a path I was walking along and this mini SUV was right in the middle of the water. It was as if someone staged it just for my Watery Wednesday picture! :-)

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  1. So glad you included the sneaker for sizing purposes!! Other wise I would have thought major flooding was occurring! I like the hat on the fire hydrant! I once saw photos of a parking meter with a crocheted cozy on it.

  2. hehe! Did you steal my son's hotwheel? He has the same one!

  3. looks like fun. i love toy cars!

  4. Is the water there because of rain or some other reason.... I had to chuckle because if it is like many SUVs I see around here... it could use the bath!

  5. Nice captures for Watery Wednesday. You didn't keep the SUV, did you?

  6. Lately we have seen a few of these in full size n our news. Nice shots.

  7. That is just too cute!
    I like the sneaker in the last shot - nice shot for a giant story. :)

  8. Yes, that is a common scene seen throughout those parts of the world that are getting more rainfall than they want...clever!


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