Thursday, July 30, 2009

Queen Anne's Lace along the egde of the lake

It is also called wild carrot. One time I pulled one up and sure enough there was a little carrot.


  1. Very nice picture of the Queen Anne's Lace. I've pulled one up to find the 'carrot' myself.

  2. I didn't know that, does that mean it's edible?

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I pulled up one too once but I never could find the carrot. The ground was so hard and dry the stem kept breaking.

  4. I never knew that! I was surprised to find that my ornamental sweet potato vine grew a potato. But a carrot?

  5. Outstanding photos!
    You've captured nature's peace and serenity!

    Both these mesmerizing photos remind me of my cottage in Haliburton, Ontario.

    You are very talented when it comes to taking photos. They're absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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