Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The old mill building

Back on December 20th
I posted a picture of an old building down by the water.
I was standing on the Bollman Bridge when I took
the picture. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the bridge.
Here is the same building but I took the picture down
along the path from the other side. You can see it's part of a much bigger building.
It's an old textile mill where they made canvas sails
for the sailing ships during the late 1800's.
Today the mill is a mall with unique shops in it.


  1. It's neat that the mill has been converted into a mall. Old buildings have so much character and all too often they're simply torn down.

  2. Always smiling for the dificult ahead

  3. Wow, a good place for "Urbex" , hahaha


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